Belle is a fine art photographer located in Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in fashion, ethereal, & stylized portraiture.

Hello there! 

A California native and mother or three with a passion for photography.  

I begin photographing shortly after becoming a mother, I simply fell in love with the fact of being able to capture the essence of childhood and in the process creating still memories to always look back to. From then on I decided to share with others the same, moments captured in time. I love knowing that my clients will have something to cherish along the years and be able to decorate their homes with beautiful portraits of their loved ones.

I have years of experience with acquired techniques to produce the images that I do, which I know one will love. And more than anything I stand by my work as it is what I envision,  capturing true genuine moments.

I will keep this short but never the less, I enjoy what I do and would love to do the same for you.

-Belle A.